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3B Farms Beef
3B = Billingsley Better Beef​
We sell 3B Farms Lowline Angus beef 
processed, hard frozen, and table ready.
We sell in whole, halves, or quarters.

Beef is available as grain-fed (approx. 90 days on feed) 
or as grass-fed.
--We sell our beef with a money-back guarantee--if you're not satisfied, return at least 90% of it within 14 days for a refund of the full cost.  

--Even if you do not realize a vast savings on 3B Beef as compared to what you would pay at the store, you still have the following advantages:  

1. You can be assured that the beef was bred, born, and raised in a pasture on a local farm.

2. The beef was humanely grown and processed.

3. No hormones are ever used and is antibiotic free.

4. It is better tasting; you know what you're getting; it's high quality Angus beef, and it's all natural.  


Grass-fed (When available.): $4.00 per pound, hanging weight of carcass, plus processing costs.
Grain-fed: $4.00 per pound, hanging weight of carcass, plus processing costs

How to figure processing costs: The base rate for 
processing is 68 cents per pound plus a $50.00 kill fee.

Example: If a live calf weighs 750 lbs., the hanging weight would be approximately 400 lbs.  
Thus, a whole grain-fed 750 lb. live weight calf, yielding 400 lbs. would be $1,600.00; 
plus $0.68 per pound for processing ($272.00); 
plus the kill fee ($50.00), for a total of $1,922.00. 

Half the amount above for a half ($961.00), and quarter the amount above for a quarter ($480.50).

Please realize that the above is an estimate, and actual costs will be based on the actual weights. 
We can give you an estimate of what an animal will weigh on a given future date, 
but a number of variables can cause that weight to vary.

DOWN PAYMENTS: Normally for a processed animal, orders will be taken at least 90 days in advance. 
We request a down payment to help with the feed costs:
$500 for a full carcass;
$250 for a half; and 
$125 for a quarter. 
We will, of course, deduct the down payment from the final total.

--We will be responsible for taking the animal for processing. 

The customer will be notified when the beef is ready for pick-up 
and is responsible for picking up the beef at the processor.  

--The customer will be given a statement several days before pick-up with exact weights and prices. 

Two checks will be necessary for payment: One to the processor and one to 3B Farms.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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